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5 reasons why Indian men rape
( Dec 19 2014 )
By Dinesh K. Sharma
India - rather whole of south Asia - has given the world a term called eve teasing. So why do Indian men tease eves? Why do they rape?
In a land which elevated women to the status of a goddess and gave the world its first sex treatise in the form of the Kamasutra, there are a myriad deep-rooted religious, cultural and social reasons for sexual perversion prevalent today. Sex is such a potent force which, if not channelized properly, can be destructive. In India, it has become a destructive force.
Here are five reasons why:
1:     Sex, which was well integrated with daily life in ancient India (as old rituals show), was driven underground with the advent of Islam and later Victorian British rule. We are reaping the harvest today.
2:     As mentioned above, sex was so integral to daily life that India that wife-sharing enjoyed so sort of social sanction. One brother would marry a woman and all his brothers would have sexual relations with her. That's why bhabhi (brother's wife) is the focus raunchiness in our society. This habit with Indian men has not spilled on to streets in the form of sexual attacks and rapes.
3.     Indian entertainment industry thrives on titillation and eve teasing. Not surprisingly, when you bombard young people with so much lewdness they will give vent to their sexual frustration somewhere.
4:     India today is overpopulated and cramped families leave no privacy release their pent-up sexual energy. This is more so with poor people who have no space in their family homes to indulge their sexual fantasies.
5:     Most rapes are committed by poor migrate people in big cities such as Delhi. It happens because suddenly these sexually frustrated men find anonymity and space to give vent to their fantasies.
So what is the solution? There is no solution until India becomes a sexually liberated society. But right now, sex has just been reduced to a procreative tool - a far cry from the Kamasutra.
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